We empower individuals to take advantage of opportunities and change their communities through constructive action.

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We specialize in creating synergistic programming initiatives that foster partnerships between communities, faith based, development and academic organizations.

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We are an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, activists, community leaders, academics, and professionals all working together with a vision of empowerment.

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Highland Support Project

The mission of the Highland Support Project is to innovate transformational models of development that break cycles of dependency. We understand poverty as a process rather than a state of being. A process can be associated with a place, and if you change a certain process, you will see different results.

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“We define poverty as the inability to access opportunity. One aspect of the invasion and colonization of our lands has been our loss of access to markets. For centuries before the arrival of Europeans,  the indigenous peoples of the Americas engaged in long distance trading networks that sustained the lives of large civilizations. Since then, we have been kept in positions of servitude by colonial models that expropriate our labor and resources for foreign markets leaving little wealth behind. ” … read more

Imagine briefly that heart-stopping moment: Your child suffers a medical emergency and you rush them to the nearest hospital, eager for quick and efficient treatment. This time, as you wait helplessly at the door of the emergency room, you are turned away because there are not enough supplies or doctors on staff due to a national debt crisis. What can you do if you or a loved one is sick and hurt and there is nowhere for you to go? … read more

The Highland Support Project designed an innovative program for the Association of Highland Women to assist rural women obtain access to international markets.   The House of Design Pixan received a grant from the Inter American Foundation (IAF) in Octoer, 2010.   This grant will allow Pixan to coordiante the development of technical abilities of artisans in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.   The Pixan program will continue the transformational methodology focusing on self-esteem, education, civic participation and free enterprise development. The grant … read more

Did you know that you can use mugwort to help with menstrual pains, or the ‘cola de caballo’ plan to cleanse the blood of toxins? These are just some fo the techniques that been passed down in highland Maya communities for generations. Valuable knowledge is quickly fading away faster then it can be documented leaving Indigenous communities with no alternative to Western medicine. Hilda Chanchavac, the coordinator of AMA’s appropriate Health Program, has recently assisted 17 midwives and 15 health … read more