Highland Support Project

The mission of the Highland Support Project is to innovate transformational models of development that break cycles of dependency. We engage in long-term accompaniment that supports Highland indigenous communities of the Americas to live on their land, in their community, and with their culture.


We empower individuals to take advantage of opportunities and change their communities through constructive action.

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We specialize in creating synergistic programming initiatives that foster partnerships between communities and faith-based, development and academic organizations.

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We create trips that offer rich cultural, historical and human exchanges between non-native partners and native community members.

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Latest News

Community. A simple word. One that we often take for granted. Some visitors to Tejutla, San Marcos, my birth community, are amused by the sense of self-importance in this small mountain town. They smile at the audacity of our pageants, processions, and nocturnal festivals. I am often humbled by the thought of generations spanning thousands of years who lived in those hills creating unique traditions that form my  identity. I’ve had the opportunity to live in different cultures as well … read more

“We define poverty as the inability to access opportunity. One aspect of the invasion and colonization of our lands has been our loss of access to markets. For centuries before the arrival of Europeans,  the indigenous peoples of the Americas engaged in long distance trading networks that sustained the lives of large civilizations. Since then, we have been kept in positions of servitude by colonial models that expropriate our labor and resources for foreign markets leaving little wealth behind. ” … read more

Imagine briefly that heart-stopping moment: Your child suffers a medical emergency and you rush them to the nearest hospital, eager for quick and efficient treatment. This time, as you wait helplessly at the door of the emergency room, you are turned away because there are not enough supplies or doctors on staff due to a national debt crisis. What can you do if you or a loved one is sick and hurt and there is nowhere for you to go? … read more

Oftentimes hurdles to a woman’s education include more than just economic barriers, they also include limited time available for her studies due to family responsibilities. For example, cooking three meals a day for family of nine people over an open fire or a small, crumbling stove leaves little to no time for much else. Last week, a group came to initiate change through preventative health. A group of nursing students from the Nursing Students Without Borders chapter of Virginia Commonwealth … read more