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HSP has 20 years of experience working with indigenous communities in different parts of the world to develop projects that foster agency and enable communities to create change in their own lives. We facilitate and support service learning trips, community assessments, investigations, project planning and project implementation. Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out more about the services offered.

Community Assessment

Through a structured process utilizing tools such as community mapping, Venn diagrams, affinity diagrams and secondary research we can assist organizations gain a more nuanced understanding of a community’s context.

We can provide experienced community facilitators to realize group interviews, semi-structured interviews, lead workshops, conduct brain storming sessions, ranking exercises and participatory evaluations to discover root causes and opportunities.


HSP strength is creativity supported by experience.   Utilizing information from the assessment and investigation stage, we begin generating project concepts and develop proto-type test projects as well as research existing models for adaptation.   Through the iterative stage we repeat design cycles to adapt and improve project functions according to experience until a project is deliverable.

Evaluating root causes and opportunities, we can help explore new concepts and link with existing approaches to establish realistic indicators to achieve goals and produce measurable outcomes.


Turning ideas into action through planning.   HSP can assist in creating organizational structures and administrative process to realize time sensitive actions in productive and culturally appropriate fashion.

We provide accompaniment throughout implementation cycle to provide design services in the adaptation and adjustment of planning.


It is less expensive to alter a plan at the beginning then at the end.  Therefore, monitoring is a critical component during the entire project life cycle.   Constant verification ensures that projects continue to advance as planned.  Evaluation ensures that expected outcomes are delivered and continue being of value.

Managing threats and incidents are a critical component to ensure projects results are delivered to target population.  If need for changes arise, manage any proposed changes in scope, budget, chronogram etc. are registered and evaluated.

Current Programs


AMA organizes Women’s Circles in the Highlands of Guatemala and Peru

Pop Infant and MaternalPop Infant and Maternal well being

This program will reduce infant and maternal fatalities through an innovative community model

Partners In Service

A unique service-learning program specializing in academically relevant cross-cultural opportunities with First Nations communities of the Americas. Current opportunities in Guatemala, Peru, and Arizona

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Group LinkLa Milpa Network is our innovative model for developing interdisciplinary partnerships to tackle complex problems.

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